Coming out of the ground

So it starts -The excavator clears the topsoil and saves it for future use.  The surveyor marks the property lines and corners and turns it over to the excavator. The excavator gets clearance to dig and gets all the utilities marked. Whoops – somebody didn’t mark the fiber optics and  Main Street commerce via internet was briefly interrupted when the excavator hit the unmarked line. Not his fault.

New Sign!

The water lines are laid inspected and covered. The excavation of the foundation is completed.  The foundation guy forms the footers on the surveyors marks. The GC double checks and checks again. The footer is inspected, poured and stripped the next day. The wall forms go up and get filled with reinforcement bar. The GC checks and corrects a wall location. The cool thing is the foundation guy discovered the issue and asked for guidance. That is why we use experienced pros.  The foundation walls are inspected, poured and stripped a few days later. Foundation guys are gone for now.  Foam guy insulates the walls AND the footers – most builders don’t do the footers – a little extra warmth that nobody sees.

Thirty days to get out of the ground – lots of steps! On schedule more or less! Did you notice all the inspections? The Town inspectors take their role seriously and we view them as important partners in the building process.

Footers per Engineer

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