Back to Work!

Where were we? Foundation is backfilled and now it is time for the plumbing to go in before the slab is poured.  Our plumber uses black ABS instead of the less expensive PVC. He says it costs more  but  is a better product – we hire the right guys to help make the right decisions. Next it is time to level the area and prepare for the insulation – but first we lay a super high quality Vapor Barrier under the insulation.  Some builders skip it – it is not an inspection item just good practice and a little pricey.  Even though nobody sees it again – we put it in and use the good stuff. Ok the barrier is down and tape sealed at the overlapped seams and all plumbing uprights. Time for the “BlueBoard” which is an inspection item. Ours is actually pink from Owens Corning. This insulates the floor to reduce heat loss and makes the radiant heat more efficient. Oh yeah, I forgot, plumber insulates the hot and cold water lines for inspection along with a pressure test to be sure the plumbing is sealed.

Next the  reinforcement steel mesh is placed  and plumber lays out the the heat tubes. Look closely and you see that we put the mesh and tubes on plastic risers – doesn’t cost much but takes a lot of time to set up.

Mesh and Heat Tube
Underground Plumbing
Slab Insulation
Heavy Duty Vapor Block

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